The best way to envision the future is to create it.
i – Neighbour creates a futuristic way of living for you with its various Modules.

i – Neighbour Developer

Handover and Defect Management Module

Handing over 1000’s of newly built apartment units and allowing the Site Engineers along with Customers to perform a pre-handover quality check and defect reporting can become extremely strenuous involving many resources and a lot of time and coordination between project teams.

i – Neighbour is being used by several large world-class developers to manage 1000’s of Units for their Key Handover and Defect Management. It effectively simplifies the procedure of Key Handover and also streamlines Defect Management for your team during the handover phase.

Features that Benefits Real Estate Developers

  • Optimise the completion and deliverance of the units on time.
  • Professionally manage your operations prior to handover and during the delivery phase.
  • Invite your customers for the handover of keys directly via the app.
  • The i-neighbour Defect Management module enables you to track defect resolution during the completion phase.

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i – Neighbour Smart Community

IoT from your Main Gate to Main Door

I-neighbour’s Smart Community ensures security at every step – from your community main gate to your main door. With our integrated software and IoT products, homeowners can connect their devices to multiple platforms and protocols.

Key Features of i- Neighbour Smart Community –

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras and Bluetooth Low Energy Systems integrated with the Gate Barrier to seamlessly allow the residents to enter the community.
  • People Counting Cameras to monitor the pedestrian entry points, lift lobbies to give you the intelligence of number of people present in the building at any given point of time.
  • Intelligent Smart Cameras to provide real time alerts of any anomalies in the community.
  • Video Doorbell with motion sensors to give you real time alerts from your front door.
  • Smart Lock to secure your door and give you the keyless convenience.

Thus, our IoT platform provides homeowners with the ease, luxury, and security that was previously unimaginable

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i- Neighbour Patrol

Below are some of the features of I- Neighbour Patrol:

Real-time Updates and Reporting – It allows the guards to either report incidents, give real-time updates, or send an S.O.S message to maintain a high level of security all the time.

Checkpoint and Route Management Set-Up – Various patrol routes and checkpoints can be set-up in line with the community plan where alarms and notifications are received in one centralized system.

Profiles and Patrol Data Management – Its easy and user-friendly interface provides complete data of each patrol, incident reports, and guard’s job status, which allows administration and real-time monitoring of all guards’ duty.

Patrol Notification – The integration of i – Neighbour Patrol with the smartphones and PCs enable you to receive the notification and alarms directly as a push notification in your mobiles or emails. i – Neighbour Patrol effectively ensures that security is never compromised.

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