Yale Smart Locks

Digital Smart Locks for your homes to enjoy the convenience and security it offers.

  • Give the locksmith or the key cutter a break – Yale smart locks’ keyless feature saves you from all the expense and hassle of finding spare keys for your family members or cleaners. You can grant access remotely and also issue One Time Passwords on the go.
  • Forgetful with your Keys? – You can simply unlock it with your smartphone and it also alerts you whenever the lock is opened or closed. No matter where you are in the world, you are always in control your front door.
  • Choose the best model – With the increase in demand for smart digital locks, numerous options with varying features have evolved. Recognize your specific need and choose the best version.


A sleek secure smart lock that is compatible with any standard door and lets you easily control access of your entire home with your smartphone.

The key features of Danalock are:

  • Automatic door Unlock – Danalock detects your arrival and exit and enables locking and unlocking of the door automatically.
  • Access Control Flexibility – You can give access to any person, whether a family member, friend or service staff and even control and monitor that accessibility.
  • Battery Life – The CR123A batteries have an average life span of 12+ months depending on the Danalock use. The battery status can be easily viewed on the app.
  • Advanced Technology – Danalock uses advanced encryption technology to transfer the data, similar to the ones used by Governments and Military organizations to keep their information safe and secure.

Danalock can give your Home a Whole New Upgrade!

EZVIZ Video DoorBell

Smart Video Doorbell camera with a motion sensor changes your standard peephole into an intelligent video viewer along with two-way audio.

This innovation takes your home security features to another level where you can travel across the globe without worrying about your home. This pinhole camera comes with the following features:

  • Crystal clear two-way intercom which lets you never miss a single visitor of yours
  • Automatic day-night mode switching and delivers clear images even at night
  • 24/7 protection through Instant real-time alerts
  • Comes along with a colour touch-screen behind the door

This camera comes with a high-quality, durable body that is made up of zinc alloy which can withstand vandalism and unwanted removal.

It also has a built-in 4600 mah rechargeable battery which ensures long battery life with minimal power consumption.

Strobe Camera

Transfer the load of vigilance onto a smart camera with Pro-deterrence features like a built-in strobe light and alarm to scare off intruders.

It has a built-in strobe light and alarm to create a feeling of fear or deterrence or scare off the intruders. If you know the visitors, you can talk to them, and if not, you can use the alarm or siren to terrify them.

Essential features of Strobe Cameras:

  • Active light and sound alarms for reinforced defence mechanism
  • The siren can reach up to 100 Decibels
  • Built-in microphone and high-quality speaker for an enhanced experience
  • Dual external Wi-Fi antennas for long-range transmission and anti-interference capabilities
  • 360-degree Swivel and base that supports both ceiling and wall-mounted installations
    Added back-up and multiple storage options

These cameras enable a seamless integration of efficient infrared lighting and an anti-reflection panel with ICR infrared filter. The Strobe Camera ensures top of the range security for your property and home.

BLE2 for Access Automation

Take control of your Gate Barriers, Lifts and Common Doors access via your smartphone with BLE2. The combination of BLE-2 door access controller with our App provides you with the convenience of unlocking your doors via your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and get the door activities in real time for convenience, transparency and extra security. And best of all, you are presented with many choices to unlock your doors. Voice, QR Code, Tap or Auto Unlock, pick your choice!

Core Features:

  • Get rid of your Access Card – Put your smartphones in use instead of your access cards
  • Voice Recognition – Use your voice to give hands-free access command.
  • Exclusive Authorisation – Your account will be solely yours and no exchange of accounts is permitted unless you yourself give the authorization.
  • Security & Control – Around-the-clock activity log, informs you the in and out activities of your premises.